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Doing Business Building Information

View information about building permits, standard construction details, green building and more. Building Division

What We Do
We provide consultation, plan checking, and permit issuance in conformance with the Municipal Code and the State of California Model Codes as they relate to residential, commercial, and industrial projects.Mission Statement: The mission of the Building Division is to oversee construction projects for the purpose of protecting the safety of Morro Bay's citizens and facilitating sustainable development objectives.
NEW Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance
A new amended water efficient landscape ordinance that is mandated by the State Department of Water Resources will go into effect 01/01/2010.

Building Information

Business Licenses
View information about how to apply for a business license, requirements and the application process. Business License Requirements
The City of Morro Bay requires all organizations operating within the City limits to have a current business license. This applies to businesses operating as a general or sub-contractor (with offices located both inside and outside of the City), as a home occupation, from a commercial or office space, or as businesses conducting temporary activities within the City limits.

Application Process
We can generally process your application within 10 days. Out of town contractors do not have to go through an approval process. Once approved, you will be notified by our Building Permit Technician and your fees can be paid and a license will be issued. The fees are calculated on a fiscal-year basis and are prorated based on the time of year you are approved.

To apply for a business license you must do the following:

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